Capital Markets. Evolved.


Oasis Pro brings an efficient, regulated approach to the digital securities markets.1 Our range of services include:

  • A platform for new issuance and regulated ATS for secondary trading
  • APIs that bring digital capabilities to traditional operations
  • Tokenization services that bring issuers and investors next-gen, digital capabilities
  • Transfer agent services to integrate traditional and digital operations seamlessly


Our scalable, flexible capabilities can stand alone or be integrated into existing infrastructure to serve:

  • Issuers

    Raise capital

  • Investors

    Expand portfolio opportunities

  • White-Label Partners

    Evolve digital capabilities


Oasis Pro has built out a suite of supportive offerings to serve client growth as the digital securities markets evolve, bringing greater efficiency, transparency and liquidity to the capital markets.1


Oasis Pro Markets operates our multi-asset alternative trading system (ATS) for the primary issuance and secondary trading of public and private digital securities.1 Using our ATS, issuers and subscribers can securely transact in a range of assets, making payment via fiat or digital currencies.


Oasis Pro Tokenization enables issuers to convert real-world assets into digital representations of the same. Built on modular architecture, the platform supports all tokenization features through UI and APIs and provides the ability to add support for more tokenization standards and blockchains, with a factory pattern for deploying new token contracts.


Partners can maintain on-chain and off-chain cap tables and real time reporting capabilities by integrating with Oasis Pro Transfer Agent. This platform supports multiple blockchains, improves transparency due to on-chain management, reduces manual intervention, and allows for interoperability between permissioned blockchains. It can be fully integrated with Oasis Pro Markets.


Through Oasis Pro API Connect, a customizable suite of APIs empowers partners to deliver digital securities solutions, both for primary issuances and secondary trading, via our ecosystem, with their branded apps connected to our modern, flexible APIs.


Our veteran team draws from traditional finance, technology, and trading spheres and is backed by strong, strategic investors.